Understanding & Choosing Your

Box Type

There are two main aspects to consider when choosing the type of box for your product: correct measurements and the unboxing experience.

Find out the characteristics of all popular box types on the market and how they suit different products! We’d love to help you make an informed decision. At CustomCosmeticBoxes.com, you can order any standard types of boxes on the market, as well as fully custom boxes, made from scratch.

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Straight Tuck Box (SL)

The Straight Tuck box is the most popular option on the market. These boxes have flaps on each side fold directly into the box from the front to the back or the back to the front. Both flaps fold in the same direction.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Reverse Tuck Boxes (RT)

A Reverse Tuck box means that one of the flaps folds the opposite direction as the other. With this type of boxes, one side folds from front to back and the other side folds from back to front.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type

Lock Bottom Box (LB)

A lock bottom box is often used for heavier items such as candles or glass jars. For these types of boxes, the flaps lock together on the base of the box, providing extra durability and strength.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Crash Bottom Box (CB)

A crash bottom box has a base lock system where the opposite flaps are pushed towards each other, locking the bottom into place. This type of boxes is also recommended for heavier items.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Holster Box (HOL)

A holster box, also called a half box, is a box with a full opening to one end. The top of the box is cut off to reveal the top of the product inside. The bottom can have a straight tuck or a lock bottom as a closing mechanism. The holster types of boxes go particularly well with soap.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Tuck Top Boxes (TT)

A tuck top box is a box with one opening to the top and a top closing panel with a small flap that tucks into the top of the box. The bottom of the box does not open. These types of boxes are very common for perfumes, makeup, and cosmetics.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Sleeve Packaging (SE)

A Sleeve is a box without tucks or ends. It has openings at both ends and it slides over the object it’s designed for, like a wrapping band.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Two-Piece Box (TP)

A two-piece box has a bottom tray and a lid. The lid comes over the tray in a tight fit that keeps the two pieces together. It is a very durable packaging, as the tray walls and the lid walls create double resistance. This type of boxes brings a luxurious note to any product and goes well with cosmetics, makeup, bath bombs, chocolates, or vape cartridges.

If you’d like to see an explainer video & template – explore this box type.

Quick summary for the types of boxes

The closure system has a direct impact on the protection offered by a box and how the customer interacts with your product. When choosing your type of boxes, it is essential to consider both aspects and think about how your product will be stored, displayed, and handled.

In general, straight and reverse tuck boxes go well with most products. If you’re selling something a bit heavier (in a glass container or a bigger quantity), it is better for the box to only open on one side for extra protection.

On the other hand, half boxes and sleeves are great box types if you want your customer to see the product directly.

Box types for various niches

Our team of experts in packaging solutions can make any box for you. You can get boxes for any niche, in any size, and any design. Here are some of our most popular niches:

  • Cosmetic packaging, makeup packaging, and skincare packaging: straight tuck, reverse tuck, tuck top, lock bottom, crash bottom, two-piece boxes
  • Soap packaging: straight tuck, reverse tuck, holsters, sleeves
  • Marijuana packaging: straight tuck, reverse tuck, lock bottom boxes
  • Vape cartridge packaging: straight tuck, reverse tuck, two-piece boxes
  • Candle packaging and heavier items: lock bottom, crash bottom, tuck top

The best material for your boxes

At CustomCosmeticBoxes.com, we use the highest quality paperboard for all of our box types. Paperboard is made from fibrous material that is turned into pulp. Kraft paper remains with the natural brown color, while the white version is bleached. You can choose from different levels of thickness for your paperboard:

  • 17.2pt or 19.2pt for white paperboard
  • 18pt for brown kraft

For a completely unique look, you can also go for paperboard with a silver substrate. This type of box is available in 19.2pt, and it gives away a very attractive metalized look.

You have plenty of finishes and coatings to add to your boxes to give them personality: foiling, UV printing, embossing, debossing, and more.

Checklist for choosing your box type

You can purpose our boxes based on your preferences for the niche of your choice. Here are our most popular ones.

  • Define the dimensions of your product.
  • Consider how will you store or display the product.
  • Pick the mechanism that best suits the shape and weight of your product.
  • Should your customers open the box from front to back, or from back to front?

Your dedicated printing team

We can’t wait to hear about your product and your packaging ideas! Our team has more than 15 years of experience on the market and over 5000 happy customers. We can make any types of boxes, and your project will be ready in no time.

We have all the closures systems, dies, and printing technologies to bring your dream box to life. You get the best prices, flawless execution, and full assistance at every step of the process.

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