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Custom Perfume Boxes

For most people, fragrances are often a choice of a lifetime. A high-quality, luxurious perfume box can significantly help your brand stick to your customer’s minds and smell buds.

Let us help you showcase the greatness of your perfume with a box that’s luxurious, trendy, and offers superior protection. You have full creative freedom to combine different finishes and materials to create unique perfume boxes. Plus, we can help you with matching labels for your bottles as well, to get a 100% professional brand image.

Browse the most common perfume packaging boxes below or get in touch for a custom box if your container has a particular shape. Our friendly experts will help you create the box that elevates your brand.

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Our most popular Perfume Boxes

Dimensions are represented in the L x W x D format and are in inches.

Straight Tuck

1.44″ x 1.38″ x 4.00″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

0.75″ x 0.75″ x 2.88″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

1.31″ x 1.31″ x 3.38″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

2.25″ x 1.13″ x 4.38″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

0.81″ x 0.81″ x 2.75″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

0.84″ x 0.84″ x 3.53″

Perfume Box


Reverse Tuck

1.19″ x 1.19″ x 3.53″

Perfume Box


Reverse Tuck

0.82″ x 0.82″ x 3.31″

Perfume Box


Reverse Tuck

1.19″ x 1.19″ x 3.63″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

0.75″ x 0.75″ x 4.75″

Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

0.75″ x 0.75″ x 3.50″

Perfume Box


Reverse Tuck

2.31″ x 1.31″ x 3.56″

Large Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

2.75″ x 1.25″ x 3.88″

Large Perfume Box


Straight Tuck

2.06″ x 0.81″ x 2.06″

Large Perfume Box


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Build a strong shelf impact with custom perfume boxes

The first thing that a customer gets in touch with when checking the shelf is your perfume box. In a sea of products, you need a precise strategy to grab the eye. The first elements that a customer gets in touch with when checking the shelf are your perfume box and your perfume label. Do a test yourself, and check a local store. You will notice that when facing a lot of options, your eyes search for patterns and stop when coming across something that stands out.

Every niche is different, so you will need to compare your perfume box to your direct competitors, your neighbors on the shelf. Sometimes a flashy design stands out, while other times, a simple and elegant box is more visible. The key is to create contrast.

With premium coatings and embellishments, you can get any type of contrast for your perfume box packaging.

Check out some examples of boxes from our portfolio:

Must-haves for perfume packaging boxes

Perfumes are among the most desirable products out there. Fragrances empower, seduce, and make people feel special. They are associated with style, personality, and status. Considering the above, perfume packaging needs to look impeccable.

Here are the top features that your custom perfume boxes need to check:

Optimal protection

Apart from catching the eye, the main purpose of a perfume box is to keep the bottle safe. A sturdy box feels good in the hand and inspires quality. The box will not only protect the product but also gain trust.


Luxury usually translates to superiority. Luxury items are perceived as exclusive and sell at higher prices. Custom perfume boxes can help you to position your brand as high-end. The design, colors, and embellishments are your tools for success.

Unboxing experience

The unboxing experience plays a crucial role in how your product is perceived. It can offer a pleasant surprise element and help you create a completely luxurious journey for your customers. There’s nothing more valuable than making your customers feel special. Keep reading to find out more about how you can amplify the unboxing experience.

Create a unique unboxing experience with custom perfume packaging

When designing your perfume packaging boxes, you can mix visual and tactical aspects to create a unique experience.

Your customers will interact with the brand through the perfume boxes. They will see, touch, and feel the weight of the product. We can help you create an experience aligned with your brand by offering a variety of types of paperboard, finishes, and add-ons.

Types of paperboard

We only use premium paperboard, and we make sure to deliver the highest quality by manufacturing the boxes from scratch. We prepare and process the paperboard, print it, cut it, and fold it all in-house. Our paperboard is fully recyclable, and you can request your custom perfume boxes in any color, shape, or size.

You can choose from:

  • White SBS paperboard
  • Brown kraft paperboard
  • Metalized paperboard


The coating of the paperboard has a big impact on how the perfume box looks. The coating or the finish refers to how the paperboard reflects light and feels to the touch.

Your coatings options are:

  • Glossy – highly reflective, shiny look, modern feel
  • Matte – non-reflective, elegant feel, has more texture
  • Soft-touch – non-reflective, stylish, soft feel


You can enhance the unboxing experience with add-ons that upgrade the standard interaction. Some common add-ons for perfume boxes:

  • Inside and out printing – Most brands only have the boxes printed on the outside. You can create something unique by playing with what people see when they open the box. You can include some copy or imagery to make use of the extra space.
  • Inserts – Inserts keep the bottle in place and add an extra layer of protection. You can play with contrasts between the inserts, the bottle, and the box to create a 3D effect.

Key elements to showcase on the custom perfume box

The design of the box sums up the identity of your perfume. The box should resonate with your customers while making your brand desirable and valuable in the long run. For a memorable impression, your custom perfume box can highlight:

The logo

The logo is the main visual element of the brand. It is important to have a recognizable logo and to make it stand out on your custom perfume boxes.

Here are some of our printing techniques that can help you emphasize the logo:

  • Embossing or debossing – either raise or recess the surface of the logo on the box
  • Hot foil stamping – makes the logo look golden, silver, or copper; it can be mixed with the embossing technique for extra impact
  • UV printing – gives the logo a glossy look

The copy

Most commonly, the copy on perfume boxes consists of the name of the product, a slogan or some alluring words, and the mandatory information required by the FDA. You can make the copy stand out with:

  • Embossing or debossing – works best for the name of the product
  • Hot foil stamping – can be used on all types of copy
  • Contrasting colors – simply having a colored font can create contrast

The imagery

Photos, lines, and patterns can help to create a cohesive design. According to the size of the box and the style that you want to go for, imagery can play a crucial role in the appearance of the perfume box. The techniques to emphasize imagery:

  • UV printing – perfect for emphasizing an image or a pattern
  • Metallic paperboard – works great with lines and patterns
  • Embossing or debossing – adds texture to elements of an image

Types of boxes that go well with perfumes

There are plenty of options for custom perfume packaging. If your perfume is available in various quantities, you can scale the design to different box sizes. You can also get boxes for perfume samples and testers. The most popular boxes for perfume are:

  • Straight and reverse tuck type
  • Tuck top box type
  • Two pieces type
  • Crash bottom type

We have a library of over 3000 dies to choose from. You can also request any size or shape you’d like, and we will make it. Read more about embossed boxes, debossed boxes, custom foil stamping, and metallic paper boxes in our guides.

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CustomCosmeticBoxes is a full-service printing facility with over 15 years of experience. We are located in Oregon, and we manufacture and prepare the boxes here in the USA.
Your custom perfume boxes will be delivered in the fastest time and at great prices. We can offer better prices because we take care of everything ourselves, and we put together an efficient process. You can request any kind of perfume box. We have the latest printing technologies and the expertise to replicate or create from scratch any box you have in mind.
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  • Straight and reverse tuck type
  • Tuck top box type
  • Two pieces type
  • Crash bottom type

We have a library of over 3000 dies to choose from. You can also request any size or shape you’d like, and we will make it. Read more about embossed boxes, debossed boxes, custom foil stamping, and metallic paper boxes in our guides.