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Lip Gloss Boxes and Lip Balm Boxes

Printed in a premium way, small boxes can give the hint that they contain something special. Enhance your brand recognition and delight your customers with lip gloss boxes that look great and are practical.

No matter the size of your product, at CustomCosmeticBoxes.com we can make a box for it. Whether you are selling liquid lip gloss, solid lip gloss, or lip balm, there is a box to help you emphasize your brand.

You can print on all sides of the lip balm boxes (including the inside), add cutouts & inserts, laminates, and extra embellishments to create an impressive look. High-quality labels are also available for any kind of container, with custom shapes.

Let us help you turn your story & business into a successful one. After measuring your product, browse the library below and get in touch for a custom quote.

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Real-time Access

Our most popular Lip Gloss Boxes and Lip Balm Boxes

Dimensions are represented in the L x W x D format and are in inches.

Straight Tuck

0.88″ x 0.88″ x 2.88″

Lip Balm Box


Straight Tuck

0.75″ x 0.75″ x 3.50″

Lip Balm Box


Reverse Tuck

0.75″ x 0.75″ x 2.75″

Lip Balm Box


Reverse Tuck

1.00″ x 1.00″ x 3.13″

Lip Balm Box


Straight Tuck

0.70″ x 0.70″ x 2.83″

Lip Balm Box


Reverse Tuck

0.82″ x 0.82″ x 4.88″

Lip Balm Box


Reverse Tuck

0.69″ x 0.69″ x 4.56″

Lip Balm Box


Straight Tuck

0.75″ x 0.75″ x 4.69″

Lip Balm Box


Straight Tuck

0.72″ x 0.72″ x 4.88″

Lip Balm Box


Straight Tuck

0.84″ x 0.84″ x 4.17″

Lip Balm Box


Tuck Top

2.75″ x 4.00″ x 2.00″

Lip Balm Display Box


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Beautiful lip gloss boxes and lip balm boxes for a glamorous look

The catchy magazine-like packaging is no longer expensive and only available for luxurious brands. You can get custom lip balm boxes and lip balm labels at reasonable prices. Golden or silver substrate and fonts, embossed or debossed elements, cutouts, you name it. At CustomCosmeticBoxes.com, we know every box type and every embellishment.

Check out some examples of lip gloss packaging and lip balm packaging we made for our customers!

A distinctive look with premium solutions

Luxurious products are more appreciated and allow you to sell at higher prices. We can provide lip gloss boxes that look, feel, and work premium.

Lip care products are carried around a lot. Just like with a lipstick box, it is important for the lip balm packaging to not only look good but also be resistant and easy to handle. The quality of the print is crucial as well. A packaging that keeps its elements in place after repeated uses inspires trust and quality. Find out more details about how we provide a premium look below.

The material for your custom lip gloss packaging

Our top-quality paperboard offers great protection for your products and makes the lip gloss boxes feel luxurious. Here are the most popular options:

  • White paperboard
  • Kraft paperboard
  • Metalized paperboard

Each type of paperboard can be customized according to the unique shape, size, and color that your designer prepared. Some examples of boxes that we made: cylindrical or rectangular lip balm boxes, pyramid-shaped boxes for lip care in solid form, boxes with cutouts.

Many of our customers choose to include the color of the lip gloss on the packaging. This is particularly useful if you have a line of products in various shades.

The coatings for your lip balm packaging

The coating brings an extra layer of luxury to the lip balm boxes. For lip balm and lip gloss, it is beneficial to match the coating of the packaging with the characteristics of your product.

  • Lip gloss goes perfectly with a glossy coating. This type of coating is highly reflective and vibrant. The packaging inspires the effect of the product on the lips.
  • Lip balm goes perfectly with a matte coating that inspires the protection that the product brings to the lips. This type of coating is non-reflective and makes the box look elegant.
  • You can also go for a soft-touch coating, which mixes the matte look with a soft finish. This box feels very nice to touch and creates a great unboxing experience.

The embellishments for your lip balm boxes

The embellishments are the final touch that makes the lip balm box truly distinctive. The most popular techniques include:

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Spot gloss
  • Inserts
  • Inside printing

The embellishments help you make your lip gloss boxes look more professional, trustworthy, and expensive. Read more about packaging finishes and box types in our blog guides.

Reasons to choose CustomCosmeticBoxes.com for your lip gloss boxes

The beauty industry is one of the most competitive, and we love the challenge to come up with the best solutions for our clients. We’ve been on the market for more than 29 years, so we can make every type of packaging on the market for you. We are proud of our portfolio of over 5000 happy clients, and we can’t wait to serve you too.

Here are a couple of ways you are in advantage by working with us:

  • Cost-effective lip balm boxes
  • Perfect execution
  • Eco-friendly solutions

We can’t wait to hear about your project. Get in touch and request your custom quote!